Caribbean, I’m coming!

Traveling on the beach is always a wonder, and in this paradise called Aruba will look even better. Aruba is known as the happiest island in the world because it really seems…

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Come to Disney Epcot!

Want to be in one place and feel in several at the same time? Then Disney Epcot was made for you! It is a park that intends to bring the union between…

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Meet Busch Gardens Tampa Bay!

An incredible animal theme park for those who love adventure and adrenaline. It is located in Tampa, being 90 miles from Orlando. Famous for its radical roller coasters and its animal-inspired toys…

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Five destinations in South America that you will love in 2019

Amazing destinations can also be close to us in South America to be exact and this includes some of the most beautiful places in the world. Beaches, deserts, historic cities, islands, natural…

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Alok announces show in Orlando in 2019

In July 2019 Orlando is going to bomb with the DJ Alok show! That’s right, Celebration Tours and Travel will bring one of the world’s greatest DJs to Orlando. The show will…

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Plan 2019: Seven places you need to know

Traveling is all good and who does not love visiting new places, does not it? So we’ve separated a list of seven amazing places that need to be in your travel itinerary….

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Europe, here I come!

Who never dreamed of getting to know Europe, did he? The continent offers thousands of options to tourists and to each destination, a differentiated cultural class that makes us admire even more…

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Five places to meet before the age of 30

We list five cliché places for you to venture out before you reach such dreaded age: 30 years! We take into account the sensational landscapes along the route and also the cultural…

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Traveling alone is good for the soul

Although some people do not think so, traveling alone is really cool and everyone should face this endeavor at least once in their life! Today we are going to present some reasons…

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