General Terms & Conditions

The acquisition of packages and national and international travel programs acquired by Celebration Tours is subject to the general terms and conditions described in this document, which have been prepared in full compliance with applicable law and, especially, in line with the standards of Embratur and Consumer Protection Code.

The Tour Operator

Celebration Tours, situated in 6735 Conroy Road, Suite 321 Orlando, FL 32835 USA, registered in the Corporate Division of the State of Florida under the # P00000017263, acts as a Tour Operator, creating tour programs and mediating relations between their clients (the “Clients”) and their providers, both national and international, involved in specific activities, such as, among many other things, transportation, theme parks tickets, accommodation, restaurants (the “Providers”). All users, customers and clients understand, acknowledge, and accept the fact that we at Celebration Tours and Travel, Inc. do not own or control any theme parks that we offer tickets for sale and we are not responsible for any damages that may occur to a person, individual property as well as to any damages that one may cause to any property when in use of tickets bought through Celebration Tours and Travel, Inc. The scope of our responsibility is to provide our customers with admissions to said theme parks.

Celebration Tours is available to their clients for the following products: (i) provide tourist packages, whether national or international, that may include accommodation, transportation, (by air, road, rail, or sea), meals, transfers, local tour guides, among other services; or (ii) customized packages (“Forfait”) where the Client, along with his or her travel agent, select accommodation, the transportation companies, the destinies, in this way creating a custom-made package.

The Providers

All companies that provide tour services contracted by Celebration Tours are solely responsible for providing services upon being contracted. The proof of recklessness, negligence, inability, or bad faith, in regard to the supply of service, entails that the Providers are obligated to reimburse the Clients for all damages caused, as well as any burden resulting from providing services in violation of the contract.

Rates and Registration

The rates of Celebration Tours products each have a restricted validity to the period mentioned in flyers and pamphlets, being subject to increases and alterations due to changes in exchange rate, fees applied by order of competent authorities, prices charged by the Providers in violation to the agreements with Celebration Tours, increase in demand like in peak season, prolonged holidays, events, fairs, celebrations, among other factors. The rates of products include solely the services expressly specified in their description. In general, the rates do not include services such as: (i) departure taxes, (ii) excess baggage; (iii) tour guide in amusement parks and attractions; (iv) breakfast and/or meals served in hotel rooms; (v) any type of meal and drink in general; (vi) expenses of a personal nature, such as laundry, mail, telephone calls, among others; (vii) expenses for personal documentation such as passports, visas, ID cards, among others; (viii) expenses in optional tours (ix) number of nights that have exceeded the originally programmed period. Any promises of facilities and/or advantages offered to contract services not included. The packages offered by Celebration Tours are subject to confirmation, according to the availability of the Providers. Upon confirmation of the reservation by Celebration Tours & Travel, the release to participate in the chosen travel program will be effective upon full payment of the agreed rate, which may be done in person, in cash currency, or by means of credit card, with an administrative fee of 5% of the final value, when so accepted by Celebration Tours. Failure to settle payment in a timely manner will result in charging of interest and possible inflation, plus attorney’s fees and court costs, if payment is claimed in court. The Client must inform the agency, upon registration, of any limitation or impediment belonging to them or a family member or accompanying travels, due to illness, disability, whether physical or mental, or any other cause that might hinder, jeopardize the client, or would require special care during the development of the trip.


The scheduled time to check into the rooms for the reserved hotels is starting from 15:00 (3:00 PM) and the check-out time is at 11:00, but this time may vary according to location. It is the responsibility of the Client to verify the amounts charged for extra services in the hotels, such as: breakfast and/or meals served in the hotel rooms, meals of any kind and beverages in general, as well as personal expenses, such as: laundry, mail, phone calls, internet usage, mini bar, remembering that each hotel has its own policy for the charging of extra services.

Transportation and Reception Services

Transportation at arrival and departure, as well other courses specifically aimed at purchase will be offered through secure vehicles, driven by qualified professionals who are always seeking the safety and comfort of the passengers. In the event of a change in flight times by the Client, they must inform Celebration Tours in order to arrange reception services.

The contact number is: 1-888-530-1589. The lack of information on changes such as these exempts Celebration Tours from returning or refunding for any extra that the Client may claim.

Lost Objects

Tourists should always be attentive to their personal security and their valuables. To avoid possible loss, Celebration Tours suggests that tourists not carry large amounts and personally significant jewelry or highly valuable jewelry, use the safes available at hotels to guard larger sums of money needed for immediate use or travelers checks, as well as airplane tickets and expendable documents at that time. The objects, which are considered to be lost in any kind of circumstance, should be reported by the tourists directly to the local officials at the location of the loss occurrence and/or the local police. Celebration Tours disclaims any liability in the event of loss of objects that were under direct responsibility of those traveling or third parties. It is the responsibility of the Client to care for their belongings such as money, jewelry, equipment, and other materials of sentimental or monetary value.

Rental of Vehicles

In the case that the Client opts for the rental of vehicles, he or she is bound to respect the traffic laws of the location of transit taking place with the vehicle, being personally responsible for observing the traffic regulations. The general conditions for the rental of vehicles are: (i) Minimum age in accordance with the location of the rental (Ex: 25 years in the US and Canada); (ii) Possession of legal driving license in country of origin and proof of ability to read and understand English; (iii) the possession of a credit card or to make monetary deposit at the rental location; (iv) make payments of government fees and insurance, which will be charged directly by the rental company; and (v) state the name of the additional drivers at the time of vehicle rental, which must be included in the agreement because otherwise, the rental company reserves the right to “deny insurance compliance” in the event of an accident. Each rental company reserves the right to have their own general conditions and Celebration Tours has no responsibility on influence in this subject.

Responsibility of the Client:

Without disservice to the provision in these General Terms & Conditions, the following are the Client’s responsibilities: a) to pay the set price for the trip or excursion in the agreed manner, b) comply with the schedules and procedures established in the solicited reservations, c) make confirmations on the reservations, flights, transfers, etc., with necessary advance and a feasible time; d) meet the guidelines received by the tour’s responsible party, e) obey the safety procedures indicated and recommended for shipments in aircraft and other means of  transport used in travel, f) ensure the care of personal objects such as money, jewelry, equipment and other materials of sentimental or monetary values, g) assume responsibility for the losses due to damages arising from actions or omissions caused by their own fault, h) preserve the areas, facilities, and equipment made available to them during the trip, i) adopt procedures that contribute to the integration and cordiality between travelers and the general population of the places being visited.


There will be loss to the Client in favor of Celebration Tours, of the following percentages of the price of the reserved product: a) 10% (ten-percent) in fines in cases of cancellation effected with more than 30 days before the start of the tour/start of the trip; b) 20% (twenty-percent) in fines in instances where the cancellation is between 30 and 21 days before the start of the tour/start of the trip; c) percentages higher than those referred to above, provided that expenses were made by Celebration Tours corresponding to, and effectively proven as a result of user withdrawal, and that in these cases the cancellation was made/requested in less than 21 days before the start of tour/trip. In the case of rental homes, cancellation within 30 days of the booking will incur in a penalty of 100% total of the trip.

Personal Documentation

All Clients should carry personal documents necessary for travel. Celebration Tours disclaims any and all liability due to refusal of visas or lack of passenger documentation, and the impossibility of boarding or entry into a foreign country due lack of documents shall not be just cause for a refund to the passenger. It is also the responsibility of the travelers to keep any documents that may have been delivered to them by Celebration Tours. The expenses for obtaining personal documents are the sole responsibility of the Client. Generally, the following documents are required: personal documentation varies according to the requirements of each country, and the responsibility of the traveler to provide it. Celebration Tours is exempt from any damages due to lack of passport, missing visas, and other necessary documents, as well the rejection of the Client from entry into any country or order by authority of the country to allow Clients to leave the country, even if the Client possesses sufficient documentation. In the event of being required to present original identification, it should be issued by the Public Security Departments of the States or the Federal District. If it is not accepted by the national portfolios of qualification, professional functional identity cards should be issued to them by organizations other than Public Security Departments.

Medical Assistance

Medical services or medicines that the Client might need during the trip must be obtained and funded by the Client. Holders of medical insurance or medical assistance agreements should always carry necessary information and documents for assistance outside of their place of residence. Understanding that climate conditions, time-zone differences, and differences in typical meals of each place visited by the tourist may cause some discomfort to the traveler’s health; and that outside of his or her home, a traveler may encounter difficulties in obtaining medical attention of which the traveler is familiar with. It is recommended that these medicines be taken in sufficient quantity for the whole duration of the trip, with some extra in case of delays, as well as other common medical equipment for respiratory, intestinal, or other kinds of problems that may cause minor disturbances.

Additional Insurance

Celebration Tours offers its Clients the possibility of soliciting optional traveler’s insurance. Clients who have an interest in obtaining traveler’s insurance and VIP plans should obtain them by means of their travel agents.

Final Considerations

Celebration Tours recognizes the complexity involved in the travel industry, whether the reason is a variety of factors, of people, of companies, and of other factors out of our control. Therefore, Celebration Tours does not intend to completely make mention of the exhaustive number of matters pertaining to guidelines and procedures. However, Celebration Tours assures its clients and partners that any situations omitted in this document, should they occur, will be treated with indispensable common sense, with the utmost care and attention, and good faith. In addition, this contract will meet its social function as long as it is agreed upon and carried out by all the parties, and with this occurring, it will enable the effective provision of services in the interest of the soliciting parties.


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